Savage People
Savage People


Are you a ba...

NO!!! We are not a band! We are a collective of artists, based out of San Francisco, that came together with a need for a platform to express our creative abilites. However, most of us are in different bands, so that’s why we give a band-like asthetic.

What do you do?

Everything. Next question...

But if you really want to know, we host events, make music, short films, music videos, comic books, podcasts, graphic designs, photography, screen print apparel, and make products that make it easier for artists to make money doing what they love to do.

Sooooo.... You’re a band?


Are you a label?

No. Not right now. Maybe later... ;)

How do see yourself in the near future?

Hosting bigger events as time progresses. Bringing the music community together. Growing as artists and individuals through trying to grow Savage People. Making more films and comics as time goes by. Seeing our brand everywhere especially at shows and cool events.

What’s your turnaround time for your services?

2 - 3 Weeks.

Where do you guys host shows?

We currently host shows mostly at Music City at 1353 Bush St in SF, but we are looking into doing more outdoor shows now and in the near future.

How will I receive my merch?

Will ship through USPS. Or if you’re local, we can arrange a meet up or delivery.

Who do you interview for your podcasts?

We interview anyone. Tell us about your interesting life.

Where’d ya’all learn all this stuff?

We learned through each other, through both our success and failures. We are always looking to learn new things.