Savage People
Savage People

The Lost Project

San Antonio, TX

Band Members
Jason Valdez: Guitar/Vocals
Nick Valdez: Drums/Vocals
Jacob Guerrero: Bass/Vocals

Lost Records

The Lost Project is a collection of various genre writing. There are no set boundaries except for the music to sound "clean". Broadening their approach, The Lost Project strives of writing truthful, easy music.

The Lost Project is a band that continues to push themselves and write different, all the time. With the many genres of music that are each fighting for attention, The Lost Project simply wants to "play it all". The band is dedicated to being the most dynamic, universal groups who can have at least one song in their set that each person can identify with and say, "I like that song". Whether it's a 15 minute set, or a 2 hour set, the band has it all and everything in between.



- (210)209-2258