Savage People
Savage People

Drink Fight Thugs

San Antonio, TX

Band Members
Roland: Drums/Vocals
Vidal: Bass/Vocals
Ed Gut: Guitar/vocals

Mean Bean Records

group formed in 1998 with long time friends thomas , roland , and tony with new found friend frank. after practicing a few months, DFT had thier first show at the generator opening for punk legendaries THE HATES from houston texas on Oct.1999. local shows came at a fast pace, as did the road trips around the state. 2001 DFT released the first self titled 10 cd and shortly afterwards added a second guitarist buda to the line up for a heavy full sound. that was shortly interrupted with the resigning of bassist thomas and the fulfillment of his replacement , mike (crotch on fire bassist). moving forward in 2002, 5 song Fuckem e.p. was recorded and released follow by 2004 13 song release of Fuck you this is war cd. as time past along with numerous shows and a couple of tours guitarist tony and vocalist frank both departed and vocals resumed with angel (from those unruly) as front man. a few years passed on by as came along the 2009 recording of the angel years-rough takes on anger management 10 cd release...and with it , the departure of another vocalist guitarist and bassist who were replaced by guitarist farin (from exile) and danny bastard ( from hard luck heroes) and vocals were picked up as double duty by the drummer. continuing onward giving hard thrashing sets to a slew of drunken fans and party goers on tours and countless road trips. things still werent settled yet when another changed was in the works, out went the bassist danny and guitarist farin to pursue other dreams and were replaced by bassist mark ( from dead weight) and baldemar. as they say, the show must go on, gigs lined up, a 2015 new 4 song release called murder in the first hit" came out, and hard pounding tour transpired. not to mention the trading places once again of guitarist baldemar for ed gut (from filthy and the muffdivers). as of now the line up consists of roland on drums and main vocals, mark on bass/ back up vocal and ed gut on guitar/back up vocal and we are currently holding it down and lashing it out with full force and intensity.