Savage People
Savage People

Kill Liberal

San Antonio, TX

Band Members
Zack: Vocals Mark
Mark: Bass/Vocals
Paul: Guitar/Vocals
Leo: Drums/ Big dick

Lost Records

Kill Liberal formed in late January 2014 in San Antonio, Texas. Drummer Leo Ruiz posted a craigslist ad seeking out fellow musicians to play in a ska band. Guitarist Paul Bouffard quickly took action by responding to the ad and recruiting Valerie Champion, a newcomer to San Antonio, on bass. After a few lackluster shows, a discouraged Paul was hanging out at his favorite BBQ joint on the St. Mary’s strip in San Antonio. In an unexpected turn of events, his longtime acquaintance Zack Amaya offered to front the band that night. Kill Liberal then gained the momentum needed to undertake new adventures and tackle the challenge of having as much fun as possible.