Savage People
Savage People

Morgan Frikz

Ciudad de México

Band Members
Joss Mallowe: Guitar/Vox
Israel Alcantara: Bass
Yoli Moreno: Drums
Oscar Flores: Guitar

High Hopes Records

Different, unsuitable and proud to be one, Morgan Frikz Mexican group Hardcore Punk was born on the initiative of Joss Mallowe in Mexico City in 2014.

The group combines raw punk chords with hardcore energy, lyrics touch horror, violence , Murderous clowns, sick psychopaths, hatred, suicide, freedom, pride and strength, as well as having a circus freak show live.

Morgan Frikz records his first album entitled "Welcome to the Frikhouse" at High Hopes Records in Toluca with Roger Jaffet and produced by Oscar Flores in August 2016 ready for release on October 29, 2016 at the Halloween Frik Party '' With incredible live guests!

For the moment we are on tour in the Mexican Republic do not miss Morgan Frikz near you.

'' We are Frikz, madmen, we're not afraid to fight for what makes us smile, every criticism without lowering his head, not ashamed of who and what we are, against the physical and mental adversity ... ''

Todos Somos Frikz!