Savage People
Savage People

The Residuals

San Francisco, CA

Band Members
Joshua Lykkeberg: Guitar/Vocals


The Residuals is just guitar/vocals. I put my soul into my playing and music. My performances have been described to me as "intense" and "scary". Book Me if you want some passionate music in your show!

My music targets people’s fake and rejecting nature, society’s grip on the world, and confusion about one’s self. The music itself is always made before lyrics because lyrics are ideas and music brings out emotions that invoke certain ideas in one’s mind. My music is meant to be a raw interpretation of one’s reasoning for their hatred towards humanity (including themselves). It is not meant to please anyone, but rather to be pleasing to one's soul and inner desires. When people see or listen to music, I want them to take away is the strength to deal with the never ending obstacles of everyday life.


- (415)902-8059