Savage People
Savage People
A couple of weeks ago our friends from Seattle, WA called WITCH RIPPERRR! Stopped by our studio and talked about their tour, band history, music, influences and gentrification. They have a super heavy sound in my opinion one of the defining sounds of Seattle.
Valeria Gress is a local artist, UC davis student and SF underground music supporter. We discussed topics about the SF music scene, college life, and art.
John Serrano is an underground music supporter and a guitarist from a band called Kah-pre. We met at the sweat lodge an undergournd house venue in SF. He talked about his depression, psychadelics, and the music scene.
Morgan Frikz is a band from Mexico City. They came by to our studio and talk about how they book their tour, the music scene, politics, how people value art in Mexico. One of the most interesting thing that I found out about these guys is what they do for a living and what types of jobs they have done in the past.
Ken Van Hamm is the bassist/Vocalist for a punk band called Them Creatures based out of the bay area. Ken came to our studio and talked about the music scene, social media, society, kung fu movies, politics and technology. We've known Ken since we started Savage People he is one of our first customers on our screen printing business and now he is a good friend. Hope you enjoy this podcast as much as we made it.
Valeria is an artist, student and a good friend of ours. We've know her for many years now and when she had to write a research paper for school, she decided to do a report about Savage People. Here is our conversation. We talked about how SP got started, what we do and why.
Jerico is a really good friend of ours. He has been supporting us ever since we met. We talked about getting rejected at night clubs, bootleg merchandise, Philippines, childhood memories and dealing with depression in different parts of the world.
A couple of weeks ago this band from Seattle, WA called Gladiators Eat Fire stopped by our studio and talked about their tour, band member changes, music, influences and their craigslist encounters. These guy's music is very interesting. They get really heavy and get really trippy. Listening to these guys is like riding a roller coaster. It goes up and down. Enjoy!
A couple of days ago we caught up with the guys from Taipan, a metal band from Anaheim. They crashed at our spot for a night and did an interview with us. Taipan is an all star project formed by Michael Black of the Dead Sea Records and we talked about how the music industry is and how to make it out there as an independent artist. We also talked about playing in front of 38,000 people in Mexico and what its like being a session musician.
Last week Kill Liberal(Ska/Punk) stopped by and played a show here in San Francisco. We talked about touring, Music, connecting with people and they told us about their friends who drove hours away just to go see these guys. It's pretty inspiring to see people go that extend to support their friends making art.
Here's a special episode for our podcast. We met Sylva at an Agnostic Front show. She's originally from Germany and the last couple of years she spent time traveling and living in Australia, Spain, France, Japan, Morocco, and now she is here in the US to check out what this country has to offer. She also had some crazy stories on living in different places. She will play mostly her music on this episode. On the other hand, we met Phil when I was looking for a someone to work for us to help out on our Christmas Project at work. He will be talking about his libertarian political view and his former landlord that used to be gay and found the name of god repel him from his gay urges.
We sat down with Alex from Tenatus, a local band from San Francisco and we talked about the local music scene, having a regular job, band managers, songwriting, inspiration and influences on making art. We also came up with some ideas for the local scene.
We sat down with a really good friend a.K.aye and we talked about the local Hip Hop scene, artistic influences, comic books, cartoons and being different.
First SPP episode featuring The Desolate. They are a band originally from Iowa and recently moved to Vancouver, Wa to play music. We booked the last date of their first tour and we sat down with 3 of the 4 guys about all kinds of topics. Check it out!